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Integrated Casting Electric Vehicle Chassis

Integrated Casting Electric Vehicle Chassis-OEM Custom Casting Services According to Drawings High Precision Cnc 3D Sand Casting Automotive Casting Parts



Quantity:2 Pieces


Material:Aluminum ZL101A

Lead Time:57  days

Size: 3806mm*1545mm *696mm Weight: 450KG


Using 3D printing sand casting, you can

  1. Significantly reduce manual labor and increase per capita efficiency by 5 to 10 times;
  2. Significantly improve the shape quality and stability, and reduce the artificial quality factors;
  3. Improve the dimensional accuracy of castings, reduce batch seams, and reduce the intensity of post-processing work;
  4. Untie the limitations of product design process and release the designer’s “free” nature;

We can save you 30% of the cost and reduce the time. Our advantage:

1、Based on 3d Printing Technology

2、Rapid manufacturing solutions

3、For Key Components formed

4、By casting and machining process

Purpose: Assembly Test, Engine Test,Electric drive Test


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