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Quality Assurance

Wenxuan implements a Quality Management System that helps to coordinate efforts in quality assurance. This involves directing all activities of process, technology, material and method to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Specifies requirements for a quality management system for an organization in the following ways: Strengthen the ability to deliver high-quality products Meet all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and develop relationships Strengthen quality management systems and promote corporate efficiency Enhance quality awareness of all employees and improve corporate culture.

Our Quality Policy

Focusing on meeting customer needs and pursuing a service experience that exceeds expectations

Continuously pursue technological and management innovation to improve product and service quality

Encourage employees to actively participate in quality management improvements and build an efficient quality assurance system

Integrity and law-abiding-Adhere to the code of integrity, strictly abide by laws and regulations, and ensure double standards of quality and safety

Adhere to the code of integrity, strictly abide by laws and regulations, and ensure double standards of quality and safety

Wenxuan’s quality capability works ahead of time and removes all defects which may be caused in design and operations. Processes and controls are improved in line with international standards, programs and instruction manuals.

We constantly strive to improve product quality and service level by constantly reviewing processes and customer needs.

Quality Control and Management Systems

Wenxuan believes in providing top notch services to the clients and have assured customer protocol. Our teams are trained to provide trusted services and deliver quality products. We work on standards that assure the customer supplier relation remains trusting. In addition to these services, Wenxuan assures customer satisfaction as this is our top priority.

Quality Control and Management Systems

Following ISO 9001, Wenxuan has organized quality management systems that lead to customers that are satisfied and managers who are well-equipped to continuously improve quality. We work tirelessly to towards cost-effectiveness and productivity, while promoting a great deal of professionalism.

We provide the services without causing any delays. Therefore, we provide:

  • Fast prototyping
  • Fast mold
  • Fast production
  • Fast delivery

Quality Inspection Equipment