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Military & defense castings include components for vehicles, aircraft and firearms. These parts are cast using a diverse range of alloys and are required to meet strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure durability, reliability and safety.

Why Prototyping In The Military Industry?

Rapid prototyping drives Military  innovation


Rapid prototyping technology is used in major defense equipment components

Manufacturing and repair can significantly save costs, shorten cycles, reduce equipment downtime, meet the military’s needs for rapid movement and convenience of carrying equipment, significantly improve the efficiency and quality of military equipment damage repairs, improve military readiness, and reduce military equipment reserve parts inventory.

Our team has extensive experience in Military prototyping and manufacturing Military parts. We are excited to enhance your overall experience, and by partnering with WenXuan, you will discover the most suitable process that aligns with your requirements and product specifications.

What role does prototyping play in the process of Military design and development?

Key parts of military weapons and equipment usually have different characteristics due to the characteristics of the working environment.Specialties usually have strict or even harsh requirements on the performance and composition of materials, and RP technology can easily process high-melting point, high-hardness high-temperature alloys, titaniumAlloys and other difficult-to-machine materials.

Manufacturing speed is fast

The material utilization rate of the processing process is very high, which can save

The expensive raw materials required to manufacture military weapons and equipment parts significantly reduce the manufacturing process. Rapid prototyping manufacturing speed is fast, and the formed close-shaped parts only need A small amount of subsequent machining can significantly shorten the production cycle of parts and components and meet the rapid response requirements for national defense and military products.

Extend the service life of the equipment.

Applied to the direct and rapid manufacturing of complex parts, rapid prototyping

The technology can also be applied to the rapid repair of major defense equipment parts. In the field of national defense and military industry, many major pieces of equipment are expensive to manufacture. If used, rapid prototyping technology can be used to repair misprocessed or damaged parts of the parts to extend the service life of the equipment.

Big improvement

The rapid solidification characteristics of the direct forming of metal parts can improve High mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of parts. Compared with traditional manufacturing processes, formed parts can gain strength without losing plasticity.

WenXuan's Rapid Prototyping And Parts Manufacturing Technology is involved at every stage of your process.

We specialize in a variety of manufacturing techniques to quickly turn your designs into reality.

  • Rapid Casting

  • CNC Machining

  • 3D Printing

  • Low-Volume Manufacturing

  • Parts Finishing

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Complete services from prototype to production ensure high quality, fast delivery and competitive prices.

Best process method

Rapid prototyping processes enable the realization of material composition in a single part continuously changes from time to time, so that different parts of the parts have different compositions and properties.Ability to manufacture heterogeneous materials (such as functionally graded materials, composite materials, etc.)

Reduce manufacturing costs

The material utilization rate in the processing process is very high, which can save Expensive raw materials required to manufacture military weapons and equipment parts, significantly Reduce manufacturing costs.

Military & Defense Castings

We cast over 75 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including nickel-base alloys, cobalt-base alloys, carbon steel, and aluminum and will work with you to find the best material for your military castings. Examples of investment castings provided for military and defense applications include:

  • Armament components
  • Actuator components
  • Fin castings

We take pride in offering extensive prototyping and manufacturing services to globally recognized car manufacturers and top-tier suppliers like BYD, NIO, Dongfeng Automobile. Our aim is to surpass the expectations of our clients and assist them in achieving success in the market.