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NEW PRODUCT–AMSKY T1814 sand 3d printer

After its dazzling display at the China International Foundry Expo, ASK Technology once again became the focus of the industry and successfully held an anticipated new product launch conference. The T series of sand 3D printers – T1814 and T2518 brought by Mr. Dong Zaidong of AMSKY’s Overseas Marketing Department not only won the praise of “so beautiful” for their beautiful industrial design, but more importantly, they reflected AISKY’s commitment to The ultimate pursuit of combining technology and humanity.

sand 3d printer

The core of innovation: After ten years of self-developed and self-produced printing nozzles, Amsky’s self-developed printing nozzles drive the heart of the T series. From raw materials to assembly, every link highlights Amsky’s independent innovation capabilities. Faced with the monopoly of foreign technology, Amsky is not afraid of difficulties and makes its own nozzle production equipment to ensure independent and controllable technology.

sand 3d printer

Breakthrough design: The positive and negative pressure system solves the long-standing problem of nozzle clogging in the industry. More than 90% of the problems caused by bubbles have been creatively overcome by Amsky through the positive and negative pressure system, which greatly reduces the cost of using nozzles and improves the compatibility of consumables. sex.

pinter head

Efficient production: six-voice coil motor same-frequency resonance technology The six-voice coil motor 100 Hz same-frequency resonance technology used in the T series ensures uniform and dense sand spreading, optimizes the printing quality, and brings a revolutionary improvement in the quality of sand mold printing.

Smart choice: Standardized design thinking considers customer investment savings. The T series uses a large number of standard parts, such as the same type of rails for high-speed railways, reducing customers’ additional costs.

Facing challenges: independent and controllable, the sharp questions raised by Dong Zaidong point to the future of the industry. Amsky’s self-research path not only ensures technological progress, but also empowers independent innovation in China’s foundry industry.

3d printer

Conclusion: Using T1814 and T2518 as benchmarks, ASKY Technology not only shows the world the power of Chinese brands, but also declares the important position of 3D printing technology in the high-quality development of the foundry industry. Join hands with AMSKY and let us welcome the bright future of the foundry industry together!