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The aviation and aerospace industries utilize precision parts with complex designs that are built with a high level of manufacturing precision. Aerospace Sand castings must also be heat treated and quality tested to ensure performance in critical engine and component applications that need to withstand extreme degrees of heat, corrosion and wear.

Why Prototyping In The Aerospace Industry?

Rapid prototyping drives Aerospace innovation


Aviation and Aerospace Sand casting processes provide the accuracy and repeatability needed to produce dimensionally complex parts for high performance aircraft and aerospace applications. With a variety of casting materials available and the flexibility to accommodate both rapid prototype production and large volume runs, it is an ideal choice for aerospace part manufacturing.

Our team has extensive experience in Aerospace prototyping and manufacturing Aerospace parts. We are excited to enhance your overall experience, and by partnering with WenXuan, you will discover the most suitable process that aligns with your requirements and product specifications.

What role does prototyping play in the process of Aerospace design and development?

Aviation & Aerospace Casting for Prototype Part Production For those seeking a quick and low-cost alternative to traditional Sand casting, ’s rapid prototype aviation and aerospace castings processes can create fully functional Sand casting parts with the same strength and properties as traditional Sand casted parts. The rapid prototyping Sand casting process utilizes 3D printed patterns instead of injected parts, which allows for shorter lead times and is ideal for testing out a new design.

rapid prototyping

Aerospace Castings for Critical Applications 

WenXuan is IS9100 certified and specializes in providing castings for the aerospace industry. We cast over 75 different ferrous and non-ferrous air melt alloys including aluminum, stainless steel, nickel-base alloys and cobalt-base alloys that can withstand the high temperatures and corrosive environments of jet engines and other aircraft components.

Experienced in aerospace casting parts

Our aerospace casting capabilities include Sand casting, rapid prototype and other services performed in-house at our foundry. We are experienced in casting parts with complex cored passageways and thin walls, and can achieve the dimensional tolerances required for aerospace components.

Secondary services

In addition to aerospace Sand casting, our casting foundry offers secondary services including heat treating, HIPping, and nondestructive testing.Examples of aircraft and aerospace Sand castings produced by our foundry include:

  • Landing and braking components
  • Hydraulic fluid system components
  • Actuator components
  • Valve housings
  • Impellers

WenXuan's Rapid Prototyping And Parts Manufacturing Technology is involved at every stage of your process.

We specialize in a variety of manufacturing techniques to quickly turn your designs into reality.

  • Rapid Casting

  • CNC Machining

  • 3D Printing

  • Low-Volume Manufacturing

  • Parts Finishing

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Complete services from prototype to production ensure high quality, fast delivery and competitive prices.

Customized manufacturing and short lead times

The aerospace industry rides the forefront of technological innovation. It is always looking for new approaches to increase productivity, minimize expenses, and boost overall performance. Particularly in the fields of prototyping and tooling, 3D printing has begun to revolutionize the aerospace manufacturing industry in recent years. Aerospace companies can now quickly produce intricate prototypes and high-quality customized tools with short lead times by utilizing the capabilities of additive manufacturing.

Importance of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping can contribute to nearly every aspect of aerospace design, including electronics, lighting, interior and exterior components, and mechanical parts. The aerospace industry can use rapid prototyping to help from the initial design concept to specialized production parts and even to repairs down the road. In the end, rapid prototyping manufacturing allows companies to reduce the cost of designing and creating products by reducing time and wasted materials.

Producing Functional Parts on Demand

Many aerospace manufacturers these days prefer 3D-printing components and parts instead of manufacturing. Unlike conventional manufacturing technologies, 3D printing produces components for both existing and upcoming aircraft in a few creates opportunities for engineers to experiment with new materials while building complex engine parts or repair parts of the upcoming aircraft. The engineers can further use a 3D printer to manufacture the repair parts, complex engine structures, and complex engine components for individual aircraft on demand.

We take pride in offering extensive prototyping and manufacturing services to globally recognized car manufacturers and top-tier suppliers like BYD, NIO, Dongfeng Automobile. Our aim is to surpass the expectations of our clients and assist them in achieving success in the market.